Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Enchanting Enhancers

Bracelets, necklaces, earrings! Oh yeah!

Everyone knows what these pieces of jewelry are and what they're all about. Sure there are lots of variations --cuff bracelets and stretch bracelets; beaded necklaces and liquid silver; post earrings, clip-on earrings, and the hybrid omega clip earrings -- but one of our popular types of jewelry is all about versatility. If you follow Relios on QVC, you probably know what we're talking about. Necklace enhancers!

What's an enhancer?
Enhancers are one of those pieces of jewelry where style meets flexibility. In much the same way you can transform an ensemble with jewelry, like sprucing up a casual outfit and highlighting an evening gown with splashes of color, you can change the tone and personality of your jewelry collection with an enhancer.

For the uninitiated, an enhancer is a pendant with a hinged bail. The bail makes it possible to move the pendant from necklace to necklace giving both the necklace and the enhancer different feels fashion-wise.

These adaptable pieces of jewelry can really change the look of a jewelry ensemble as they're paired with different necklaces. An enhancer on a sterling silver chain adds a splash of color to an otherwise subtle necklace. That same enhancer on a beaded necklace will be flush with color and gemstone presence, making for a more boisterous look. That's why necklace enhancers make great gifts! It's like giving several different jewelry styles all in one piece!

An Enhancer Love Story
Over the holidays you might be like most people, shuttling from one party to the next, getting enough eggnog to last you until the next holiday season, and showing off your most recent southwestern jewelry purchases from Relios.

This last holiday season, Bill, Carolyn and Susan were mingling at a holiday party hosted by the local branch of a large national corporation. Susan was wearing one of our necklace enhancers and had engaged in a conversation with one of the host company's senior managers. She commented to Susan that she loved the enhancer that Susan was wearing. Susan popped the enhancer off her necklace and put it on the strand that the senior manager was wearing. Viola! Instant new look! The senior manager loved it, and she wore the enhancer for the rest of the evening catching compliments from other party guests.

That's how easy, effortless and fun a necklace enhancer can be!

A Bail Full of Trouble
Alexander Pope once said, "To err is human; to forgive, divine." We admit that we are human, here at Relios. Sometimes we make mistakes, and sometimes the small imperfections that come from the human handling of a piece of jewelry adds up but not in our favor. Sometimes bails would break or they wouldn't close properly.

Chris Ruiz, our Jewelry Technical & Production Director, and the department leads in the production department went back to the drawing board. Looking at past and present designs for the hinged bails, looking for how the design could be improved. Here's what they did:

  • The curvature of the top of the bail was made longer, so the weight of the enhancer wouldn't pull down on the hinge
  • They made the clasping ends of the bail wider so there would be a larger surface area holding the bail closed
  • The lip on the enhancer where the bail is snapped closed was made higher, so it would hold the bail in place better
  • They changed the wire inside the hinge and laser welded it to fit more snugly, so it wouldn't come lose as easily
  • The "hook," a small piece of silver you hook your fingernail into to open the bail, was made wider to make it more comfortable to open the bail
  • They reworked the dimensions where the two pieces of the hinged bail come together to make a better fitting hinge
  • The bail was heat-treated to add durability
That's a lot of changes to make on a small, but important part of an enhancer! But we want you to enjoy your sterling silver jewelry for a long time, and that sometimes means making changes to our designs so they last for as long as you have them. We think the efforts of Chris and the team in Production are going to go a long way towards making our necklace enhancers even better!

Visit the Relios Jewelry website today and check out the great selection of necklace enhancers we have today! And keep your eyes peeled for eight (8) new collections!

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