Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Desperately Seeking Sincerely Southwest(R)

Here at Relios, we make southwestern jewelry because we love the unique culture and flavor of the American Southwest. The beautiful desert surroundings and the mixture of Native and Spanish cultures inspire us to make jewelry that reflects what we see. But what we love most is sharing all that style with you! Facebook, Myspace, our website, this blog -- we have a lot of ways to bring our passion for southwestern jewelry to you.

One big way we share with you is through QVC. By now, you know that Relios and our lead designer and Vice President, Carolyn Pollack, are regularly featured on the Q. They've been a big part of our success and have given us the chance to get to know our fans of southwestern jewelry.

We wanted to take this chance to help you get more familiar with with our shows and jewelry on QVC. As popular as Carolyn is on the Q, did you know that Relios is involved in three different shows on the Q?

Sincerely Southwest by Carolyn Pollack
The first show is a designer show focused on Carolyn and our Sincerely Southwest jewelry. It's an intimate shopping affair where Carolyn can focus on talking to both seasoned Sincerely Southwest collectors and newcomers about the jewelry.

The Sincerely Southwest jewelry collections feature expressive silhouettes and distinctive gem stone color combinations that embody Carolyn’s own lifestyle and fashion sense.A fresh, eclectic collection of statement pieces celebrating the natural beauty and spirit of the American woman.

Sangria Citrus Berry
Inlay Pendant
on Bead Necklace

Illusion Silver Hoops
and Black Gemstone

Southwestern Jewelry
The second show that we are a part of at QVC is the Southwestern Jewelry show, where jewelry makers share the stage under the common theme of southwestern jewelry. As a part of this show, Relios showcases our jewelry along with several other companies. When you see Carolyn on-air, you know that they are showing a piece of our jewelry.

Our pieces, which are made in Albuquerque, NM, feature opaque gemstones reflective of the colors of the Southwestern landscape. The stones combined with textural sterling silver in designs that are symbolic of the unique cultural history -- the blending of Spanish, Native American, and Western influences -- of New Mexico and the American Southwest, take traditional southwestern style to a new level.

Turquoise Beads and
Silver Pottery Bead
Coil Bracelet

Denim Lapis Filigree
Pendant on 18 inch Chain

Is it made by Relios?Here are some helpful tips to help you identify whether or not your jewelry was made by Relios.

Relios' Sterling Silver Stamp
This stamp signifies that the item is .925 sterling silver. It's most commonly found on rings or pendants.
Relios' CP Signature "CP" TagLook for the CP Signature Tag on necklaces and bracelets. This tag denotes that the jewelry piece you have is a genuine Sincerely Southwest item by Carolyn Pollack.
Relios' Sterling Silver/Copyright TagThis third tag also denotes that the item is made with .925 sterling silver and was manufactured by Relios.
Roderick Tenorio's StampLook for this marking stamping into the metal on those items Relios manufactures for Roderick Tenorio.

If you need to call our customer support, it's helpful to have your J-number from QVC. We can look up items by their J-number and verify for you that they are genuine Relios products. Once we have determined that you have a piece of our jewelry, we can set you on the right course to getting your questions answered.

We hope this helps you when you're picking out pieces of southwestern jewelry to add to your collection. Visit the Relios Jewelry website, our profile on Facebook, or our profile on Myspace and get in on the fun in sharing your passion for
southwestern jewelry.

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