Wednesday, August 13, 2008

From Our Corazon To Yours

Everyone loves a deal. It’s like reliving a great birthday. You know as well as we do that a pick-me-up like a great deal would be welcome in the current economy. This is why we’ve put something together for all the Relios and Southwestern Jewelry Fans out there.

Corazon grab bags at our store on Amazon!

We like to think of them as recession defying bundles of joy. For a fraction of the price you would have paid for these pieces in a retail setting, we’re offering six different limited quantity grab bags of sterling silver and natural gemstone jewelry that you will look great wearing! Lets take a quick tour of the grab bags.

Lapis of Luxury - If you like blue, you’re sure to love the Lapis of Luxury grab bag. It starts with two pairs of earrings (chandeliers with lapis beads, and Kachina charm earrings with lapis cabochons), we then added two bracelets (coil bracelet with lapis and sterling silver beads, and a sterling silver cuff bracelet with a lapis cabochon flanked by two cabochons of blue turquoise). And if that’s not enough, we also threw in two sterling silver necklaces with silver and lapis pendants and another scenic pendant with chip inlayed stones like lapis and turquoise.

Pink and Proper – Another grab bag with seven items, Pink and Proper features three necklaces (first, a dainty pink mother of pearl heart on a light silver chain, then a chunkier rhodonite heart on a necklace of rhodonite beads, and finally a colorful beaded necklace of turquoise, amber, rhodocrosite, and rose quartz). After that, we have two pairs of earrings (rhodocrosite drop earrings, and a bolder pair of amethyst, turquoise, and rose quartz drop earrings). To round out the grab bag, we added two bracelets (a light pink rose quartz stretch bracelet, and a rose quartz, amber, and rhodocrosite coil bracelet).

Touch of Turquoise – Nothing says southwestern like turquoise! Ranging from a light green shade to a vibrant blue, this grab bag gives you 6 pieces of jewelry, five of which have turquoise as their featured stone. There’s the Indian Princess pendant, a turquoise-colored porcelain cabochon wrapped in ornate sterling silver. Then we have a sterling silver native pearl and green turquoise beaded bracelet. After that, we put in two light weight silver necklaces, one features a oval cabochon of light green turquoise, while the other has a bright blue turquoise stone set in a sterling silver najah. Finally, we have two pairs of earrings, sterling silver najah earrings, and long, delicate, sterling silver dangle earrings ending with beads of blue turquoise.

Autumn and Earth – If you’re more of an earth tones girl, this is the grab bag for you. Starting with the earrings, we have two pairs of earrings: one featuring peach aventurine beads dangling from sterling silver fishhooks, and the other a pair of chandelier earrings with stones of peridot, carnerlian, sunstone and smoky quartz. Next, there are two gorgeous necklaces (a carnelian and smoky quartz beaded necklace and a brown rope necklace with a chandelier of sterling silver and carnelian). Finally, we wanted to share with you three of our great bracelets. A prominent sterling silver bracelet with carnelian cabochons, a carnelian, red jasper, and smoky quartz coil, and a lighter toned bracelet of mother of pearl, amber, smoky quartz and aragonite.

Drops that Pop – Five pairs of drop earrings! Two pairs of earrings feature turquoise (one blue, one green with amethyst accenting stones). Then there are sterling silver earrings with red coral mosaic inlay, and a pair of elegant black onyx stones in sterling silver that work well for a night out. Finally, we have a pair of plum jade earrings with drops of quartz atop an abalone base set in sterling silver.

Playful to Polished – Five pairs of earrings… This grab bag is all about fun earrings, so we’ve taken a variety of different styles of our earrings and put them together so you can express a variety of moods. First up are a pair of big, bouncy earrings with large pale purple amethyst stones and beads of turquoise. For the woman out for a nice evening, we thought a pair of sterling silver blue topaz earrings would make for nice addition. Then we felt we needed to add something that’s more traditionally southwestern, so we put in these cute sterling silver zia earrings with mosaic inlayed yellow jasper, lapis, turquoise, and sugilite. Then for something more “reflective,” we added sterling silver and 14k gold rippled earrings that mimic the ripples in a pond.

“But what if you don’t want all of that jewelry, or don’t like it all?” you ask. No problem! Use the other items as gifts or even resell the jewelry. When you consider how much this jewelry would have cost, you’re in a great position to take advantage! Remember quantities are limited, so grab your bag quick! And if you like what you see, visit us at the Relios Jewelry retail site and scope out more great jewelry in a range of styles and prices. Once you've got your grab bag, take some photos and post them to our Facebook profile. We'd love to see your new look!

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